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Examples of introduction cases

Asahi Chemical Synthetic Co. promises that the Hot Melt System Sales system will offer various advantages to customers in a wide range of industries. For your reference, we will give you examples of actual cases of introducing our systems under the Hot Melt System Sales system as described below.

An example of an actual case of a customer in the automotive parts manufacturing industry

Needs of
the customer

The parts manufacturer is assembling automotive lamps semi-automatically, with workers assigned to different individual manufacturing process sections. But according to the degree of skill of the workers, there are variations in production speed and quality, and besides labor cost is high.

The manufacturer desires to build up an integrated automated line to achieve stable productivity and quality and reduce labor cost at the same time.

Hot melt sealing agent for automotive lamps, “Asahi Tack AM Series”

Full automation of the automotive lamp assembly process.
A system combining an automatic conveying device and a robot in the bonding steps in the lens and housing sections was designed, developed and proposed.

A proposal was made for automatic precision constant-volume coating through computer control for lamps of varied contour.

Effect of

The realization of the full automation resolved the problem of variations in productivity and quality which were attributable to the different degrees of skills of the workers. This has made operation by a smaller number of workers possible and has contributed to a reduction in labor cost.

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