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Asahi Tack is used for a wide range of parts including head lamps, floor mats, air conditioner ducts, door molding, sheets, etc.
The adhesives that are used for these applications are required to have excellent properties such as high heat resistance, low-temperature resistance and long-term durability to be fit to be used at high car inside temperature in the summertime and in extremely cold regions. The metals and plastics are required to be fit for recycling, and there is a growing demand for sealing materials for them. Further, energy-saving cars have to be light in weight, and as a result, there is an increasing demand for boding the metals and plastics and other different types of materials.

Product Characteristics
Asahi Tack AM Series For use for automobiles
Asahi Tack SG Series Hot-melt-type flexible sealing agents (patented)
» Details of the sealing agents (SG)

Classifications of Hot Melt Applications

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